How Does Gutter Helmet Work? The Secret is Surface Tension!

Gutter Helmet
  1. PermaLife™ Finish
    Hi-performance Kynar paint system (guards against chalk, fade, salt water & acid rain)

  2. Textured / Ribbed Surface
    Increased surface tension & tensile strength (handles the heaviest rainfall, snow loads & extreme winds)

  3. Nose Forward Design
    Precise engineered opening (water enters, debris & animals stay out)

  4. Debris Falls Away
    Leaves, branches and debris fall harmlessly away from your home and gutters

  5. Premium Engineered Bracket
    Reinforced aluminum alloy (multi-function, anti-corrosive load-bearing system)

The secret is surface tension. You can see surface tension at work when you hold a water glass sideways under a running faucet; the water does not run off the glass, but flows all around the outside.

In the same manner, water running off of your roof clings to your Gutter Helmet, travels around its curved nose and flows smoothly into your gutters. Leaves, pine needles, and other debris, fall to the ground below. Your gutters stay clear, and you keep your feet on the ground.